Odroid N2 CoreElec 9.2 4K 50/60HZ Video Passthrough Problem

Hi everyone,

I got my n2 yesterday. I’m very excited but I think I misconfigured some settings.

My setup is Odroid N2 > Samsung Q70R Soundbar > LG OLED 55E6V. (This setup is a must because my tv hdmi arc does not support atmos etc. passthrough.)

My soundbar supports 4K 60HZ HDR passthrough. However, when I change display settings from CoreElec 9.2 to 3840x2160p + 50 or 60HZ it goes black.

Stuff that I’ve tested:

  • Whitelisted all 3840x2160 and 1920x1080p
  • My hdmi cables support all stuff because I directly connect my n2 to my tv and 3840x2160p +60hz works.
  • Apple TV 4K > soundbar > tv works with 4k 60hz.
  • Using 422 color sampling.

I’m very newbie about boot.ini and config.ini. Could you please help me? Also can someone give me a good config.ini setup? Thanks in advance.