Odroid N2+ CoreELEC 9.2.7 waiting for CEC on booting

I’ve a new Odroid N2+ with CE 9.2.7.

N2+ -> Denon AVR-X4400H -> Samsung Q65Q64R

Everything is working. I can use the remote of the TV and the N2+ starts and shutdown when TV is turning on and of.
sometimes CE stats up with the “wrong” GUI solution not 4K@60 ist starts with 720x480. found solution here and will test ist.
The second issue: CE starts without CEC. So the TV turn on the N2+ but the remote is not working. Afzer reboot CE it works again. So I guess the N2+ boots to fast, so the TV is not ready to connect CEC.
The AVR is in stand by and passthrough the video and audio signal to the TV. Is there a possibility to wait with booting CE for CEC of TV and would help?

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