Odroid N2 + External IR sensor via GPIO

I need to place the N2 behind the TV so its own IR sensor is not visible. Is it possible to connect an external IR sensor via GPIO similar to the RPI 3B ?

If not, you can use an IR Remote Extender like this one.

I don’t think so as the IR receiver using the IR hardware decoder and is wired to GPIOAO_5.

If you have a solder equipment it’s easiest to unsolder the IR receiver diode and place a wire extension between IR receiver diode and PCB.
If not the IR extension like Sholander is showing is a good solution.

Btw, such IR extension cables are sold along with many cheep Chinese boxes, and work very well. There are also box versions with a dedicated External IR Sensor connector to connect a simpler extender cable, one with only IR sensor at other end…

@Sholander: I don’t have a problem with the cable with external IR sensor, I have it on RPI, but I don’t know where to connect it to N2 via GPIO header and how to configure CoreElec.

As @Portisch suspects, and I also don’t see IR option on GPIO pinout, IRtoUSB cable will be your only option.

You do not need to connect the IR extension somewhere. USB is only for power the IR extension.
It receive from one side, transmit on other side.

I need a USB IR remote for an Atomic PI (x86), these used to be readily available but all the cheaper options seem to have gone. Anyone got any suggestions.


It’s a pity.
I’ll make a gadget (add a transistor with a transmitting IR diode to my receiver and get power from GPIO header or USB) or solder the connector instead of the original IR sensor.

If you can do this, why not just desolder the IR receiver and solder in an extension cable from the receiver to the board. Should work.


I didn’t want to change the original HW and lose the warranty, but it will probably be the fastest way.
On RPi it was easy, connect to Pin 18, configure LIRC in LibreElec, ir-keytable …

RPi is a “hobby” project and no IR hardware decoder is included. Only software. Amlogic has implemented a hardware IR decoder and CE use this.
With a software decoder you are also able to use any free gpio for decoding. But don’t ask me right now what you need to change for such behavior. I guess it’s faster and better to solder or to use such IR extension.

I did the extension on my khadas vim2 and it has subminiature component ir. It was nerve racking but I did it with a basic soldering iron.


I tried it in software, no attempt led to the result, so I asked if anyone had already done it.
I have the impression that there is a sw solution for Ubuntu, but I didn’t find anything for CoreElec.

I implement IRMP what is a multi protocol software decoder. But it’s used only for ir-keytable -u. So it’s also using the same gpio pin like before.