Odroid N2 hangs on boot after 9.2.2

Looks like my install auto upgraded the other day. I really hate that crap, causes me no ends of pain when auto upgrades break things.

Anyway, I had to unplug my N2 for the first time in a few weeks to move something around and now it wont boot. I have unplugged it many times before. It boots to a coreelec logo screen with 9.2.2 in the upper left hand of the screen. I pulled it off my projector and connected to a computer monitor. I see nothing before the screen as the monitor is re-syncing. I have tried to switch to a different virtual terminal but it doesn’t seem to be to that point in the boot process. This is the only coreelec install I have so I’m not sure what to look for to see if the kernel is loading or what.

I am booting from an SD card, obviously the N2 is not very old and the SD card is new.


New, fresh 9.2.2 installation? Hope you have your complete backup in a secure location…
With all devices today longing for auto-updates I’m never left without a secure backup; that much I learned long ago the hard way :slight_smile:

so it finally boots after 15-20 mins… I was apparently impatient only giving it 10 mins to boot… I suppose I will be re-installing and getting my settings all put back in…very frustrating.