Odroid N2 is stuck at the CoreELEC boot screen

I switched on this morning and get the HK splash, then the CoreELEC boot screen but nothing further :cry:

I am able to view everything via my MAC so can interact that way. There is a log file of todays date for instance.

But I don’t know what to do next. I bought the Odroid fully configured so I wouldn’t have to get myself in a mess with installation :neutral_face: CE installed to eMMC 4Gb / 16 Gb

The one instance that happened since last night and today is Plex. I added a trial plexshare using PlexKodiConnect a couple of days back. Overnight the trial ended - is this anything connected with not being able to boot anymore?

I would have hit the reset switch as I’m so upset at losing the system but I don’t think the Odroid has one?

For starters, cut the power, disconnect the network and try again.

Yep sorry I should have added what I’ve tried so far.

Full disconnect, different HDMI ports as well as cables. Have taken my soundbar out the equation and connected straight to TV.

Hmm…, what I would try in your case is make a fresh installation on uSD card, just to get any hardware fault out of the picture.
When you boot your N2 from uSD card you can see/manipulate your eMMC installation. When opening Kodi File Manager, the “storage” partition on your eMMC installation will be shown in capital letters, as STORAGE and the one on uSD cars will show as storage

OK as long as I follow the correct guide I’ll be able to do this. I can find the correct OS download but on MACOS so the references to Rufus don’t apply.

Is there an alternative for me?

Try with “Balena Etcher for MacOS 64”.
I use Ether all the time on Win machines, and for me it works perfectly

Wish me luck :crossed_fingers:

I progressed a bit further…
I’ve used a microSD to install the image. I think the system did boot from this. I still have just the CE boot screen but there is an error displayed this time.

“Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount storage…type exit to quit”
“Error in mount_storage: mount_common: Could not mount UUID= ################”

Well I’m not there yet…

I used a portable USB drive as I have no uSD cards here - is this an issue?
When I boot it’s stuck at the CE screen so it’s using the eMMC I think? I can try all 4 usb ports but some don’t boot the sytem at all. I still can view the drive on the MAC with a pic of what I see.

Do I need to tell it to boot from USB?

Switch to SPI

Yes, as @kostaman says, and if your Petitboot version is older than 20200816, then you’ll first have to update it to get it working -> instructions here

Thanks for sticking with me guys.

SP1 switch on I get a black screen with menu though I don’t know how to interact with it.
It does state petiboot v 20191213 so I need to get that updated then.

Also looks like the only SD card I have access to has become corrupt now too :cry:

Pull the eMMC out

Flash the SD Card again

Switch back to eMMC position on SPI switch

Boot up with just the SD Card

We have progress :smiley:

Following that instruction (with working SD card) has installed a fresh CE
So as it stands I now have a fresh install on SD and the eMMC is currently unattached.

I guess the hardware is functioning so where to go further to troubleshoot the original installation?

You can now disconnect power, attach your eMMC, and with uSD card inserted it should boot to uSD card installation.
In Settings choose “Expert” mode, and in “Interface” (I think) select to show hidden files/folder, and allow renaming/deleting files/folders.
Then I File Manager you’ll see the mentioned eMMC STORAGE (in capitals) folder. In it navigate to Kodi/temp folder and check the log files for any errors.

Those settings are in ‘Media’

I can’t quite get to the destination you’re asking. I think I’m inside the eMMC section. I don’t see folders for kodi or temp but do see a logfiles folder. In there are 10 logs from earlier today including a KODI.log

Is this the one I need to check?
Screen Shot 2020-09-27 at 15.32.05

OK, got it. All instructions I give you are done in Kodi.
First go to Settings (cog wheel on top row) then in Media. Here first choose “Expert” mode (at the bottom left-> change from Basic to Standard to Advanced to Expert).
Then in same Settings/Media window choose “General”. Select ( set) all options to ON.
Then go back and open “File manager”. There click on “Add source” -> Browse -> choose “Home folder” -> OK. It will offer “storage” as the name. This is your folder on uSD card.
There should be also a folder with same name in capital letters - STORAGE same one on your eMMC…

I understand I should have been doing this within KODI not the Mac :man_facepalming:

But I still can’t reach what you’re suggesting. I do see the ‘storage’ folder but there isn’t a ‘STORAGE’ folder anywhere. I have ‘mmcblk0p2-mmc-AJTD4R_0xa132d8c’ which I can see is the old kodi on the eMMC. There I can navigate to .kodi > .temp > kodi.log / kodi.old.log but then do nothing with it (in File Manager)

OK, copy these logs from eMMC .kodi/temp to some thumb drive and look at them on Mac.
Or in File manager position on log file and long_press on it to bring up additional menu in which you can choose “View as text” or something like that to open the contents of the log file…

Thank you.

I’m looking for errors right?

2019-04-11 17:28:51.063 T:4064633424   ERROR: DBus error: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown - The name org.freedesktop.UPower was not provided by any .service files
2019-04-11 17:28:51.226 T:4064633424   ERROR: GetString: error reading /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap
2019-04-11 17:28:51.226 T:4064633424   ERROR: GetString: error reading /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/custom_mode
2019-04-11 17:28:51.226 T:4064633424   ERROR: GetString: error reading /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_add
2019-04-11 17:28:51.226 T:4064633424   ERROR: GetString: error reading /run/disp_add

2019-04-11 17:28:51.809 T:3918496640   ERROR: SQL: [Textures13.db] SQLite error SQLITE_ERROR (no such table: version)
                                        Query: SELECT idVersion FROM version
2019-04-11 17:28:51.810 T:3918496640   ERROR: Process error processing job

Or should I be looking somewhere else?

Don’t know if your eMMC not booting problem will be shown in these log files.

If you suspect and don’t need Plex, try to erase Plex folder from storage/.kodi/addons folder and also Plex from storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data folder on eMMC.
Then power off, remove uSD card and try to boot from eMMC…