Odroid N2+ microstutter


i have installed Coreelec 9.2.5 on Odroid N2+. Installation was done on emmc.
TV is Samsung 32d6100 1080p - odroid is connected directly to TV.

I am getting microstutter when using livetv plugin (h264) - same streams working perfectly on RPI3b+ running libreelec

I have a log but as a new user i am unable to attach file - could you advise how can i upload file?

Thank you

Do you have same microstutter when you disable Hardware Acceleration?

I have just tested software decoder

1st time i have noticed it after 17 minutes. Stutters lasted about minute than it was ok for about 4 minutes and it started again for about 10s. Seems to repeat that way

With both hw and software stuttering happen randomly.

Same stream, same time on rpi was stutter free…


As you didn’t attach any log we can just guess. An I guess you have 60hz instead 50hz and/or frame switch is switched off or something like this.


adjust framerate option is in use, TV is switching to 50hz correctly, stream was 25hz

please see log


Is that log enough or i should provide more details?


Looks like stuttering happen when file is 25hz and CE playing it as 50hz.
25Hz can be whitelisted but playback looks better on 50hz.

Is that limitation of gpu driver or something that could be fixed in CE future updates?

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