Odroid N2 multiple external storage

I’m running latest Coreelec from SD and have an NTFS formatted 2TB SSD connected. If I connect a USB 3 stick to any of the rear USB ports, the drive doesn’t seem to be recognised. The same drive is recognised if connected through the front OTG? port. The USB stick is also detected if I plug it into an S905 box running the latest Coreelec.

I am a bit puzzled by this behaviour and will continue to test scenarios but I’d be grateful if someone could confirm whether their N2 behaves in the same way. Many thanks to anyone who responds. I’d like to be able to transfer files at USB 3 speeds for obvious reasons.

Format your USB3.0 stick to NTFS and then try. Since SSD connected to USB3.0 on N2 works OK, so should the stick also.

I didn’t say in my original post that I’ve tried the USB in both NTFS and FAT32 formats with the same result. Later on, I plan to unmount the SsD and try the stick on its own. I’ll report back on that test later.

I can only think that there’s something strange about the USB stick I was using. It wouldn’t mount on the N2 on its a own but showed up on my Ubuntu laptop for every reformat I tried it with. I dug out a smaller USB 2 stick and that mounted immediately alongside the SSD.

I have ordered another USB 3 stick. If I can’t get that to mount, I may be back