ODroid N2 needs power cycle if hdmi is unplugged?

I’ve been using my two ODroid N2 units as NextPVR clients for several months now with minimal issues, but just found something I’m trying to resolve. I’m using one N2 in a new room with an older computer monitor that only has one HDMI port. The monitor is hooked up via HDMI to a PC for use during the day, but I have been connecting it to the N2 for use in the evening. When I plug in the N2 HDMI cable in the evening the N2 in unresponsive, LEDs are off, nothing I can do with it except cycle power, then it works fine.

The power saving functions are all disabled. And if I unplug the HDMI cable from the N2, the N2 LEDs stay on. If I plug the HDMI back in within a few minutes it still works fine with the N2.

So it seems like there is likely some kind of timeout/shutdown on the N2 if it loses HDMI comm? I’m wondering if this is a known issue/option and is there a way to fix it/disable it?

I unplugged it now and will try to keep an eye on it to see when the LEDs go out, if that is meaningful info.


First of all: You unplug cables when the device is switched on? Very bad idea! Do not hot plug any cable if not needed! You can kill the device like by ESD.

When you boot your N2 with a HDMI connected until you see Kodi it should work that you see Kodi again after disconnect/reconnect the cable. Just my experience. Maybe it’s needed to restart Kodi after plugin the HDMI again.

But I can only advise against to make a hot plug with any cable. I jut do it not very often and I work on a ESD working place to be safe.

I did order an HDMI switch which should arrive today.

As far as frying the device, as an engineer I understand what you are saying, but I accept the risk. I’ve been hot-plugging/unplugging the HDMI between my laptop and monitors at work and at home about 10x per day for the last 5+ years, never had an issue. Perhaps these are more robust devices than the N2.