Odroid N2 Nvidia Shield Samba Server

I have an Odroid N2 with CoreELEC on it. I use it as a Samba Server connected to a Nvidia Shield.

When I mount the hard drive onto the Shield it comes up with additional folders. For example when I open Kodi on the Shield. E.g. Photos, Movies, Images, are also mounted. I just want to the harddrive only and it’s subfolders no additional folders. Is their a way to allocate just the harddrive to be mounted. When I have mounted other folders it hasn’t added any other additional folders.

Thanks for any assistance.

What happens to you is normal with CoreELEC. You can modify the behavior of the server in the configuration file /storage/.config/samba.conf but in my experience you cannot do many things, maybe I am wrong, I think that you cannot add non-root or read-only users. This is the reason why I have disabled the samba server and use the FTP server from the ProFTPD addon.

Hey @cubimol if I do the ProFTPD will it be picked up in nvidia shield?

test it! (I don’t have nvidia shield)