Odroid N2 Power adapter

Hello all,

I have just recently received my N2.
I ordered the following power supply with it: HNP24-120.

Everything works fine, but when i suspend the N2, the power adapter starts making ’ squealy’ sounds.
It will produce continuous high pitched sounds until taken out of suspend.

I was just wondering: is this a glitch, defect or expected behaviour?
Since i would like to get rid of the sounds i am planning on ordering another good quality power supply.
Was wondering what you guys are using with your N2.

Thanks for any feedback.



You can use a standard 12V power supply from 3,5" external HDD case

Hi Tim_Taylor,

That’s actually what i did for the time being :wink:
Still wandering if i were to order a replacement / spare PSU, which one would be best.
I will certainly not go for the mentioned model again. Never had a powersupply talk back to me :wink:



I use a 12V/3A power supply to have enough juice for 4 USB ports which are all in use.

Sounds good, which brand/type adapter is this…?

Don’t know the manufacturer, (it’s hidden behind my TV, not easy to dig out to check)
but it looks like this one.
The thing to watch when buying is that it has appropriate connector - 5.5 x 2.1mm jack to fit input on N2

Alright, thanks for the suggestions, certainly helpful.