Odroid N2+ stop playback video for a while sometimes

I had N2 in past and now N2+ mostly for Netlix and youtube. From the very beginning when I use the N2+ it sporadically happens that the video playback stop for a while (for few seconds HDMI is disconnect as my TV shows) and then it comes back to usual play backing. It happens usually a few times (1-3 times) per hour. As you can imagine it is quite annoying. The N2 did not have such an obstacle.

How to find out if this is an HW issue and I need to claim it (would be hard to proof it is sporadic issue) or it is in issue of SW.


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What resolution and refresh rate are you using?

I use the same as I used with N2, 1920x1080 and tried both 60 and 50Hz.

Check the hardware settings in CoreELEC and try changing the VESA modes settings, it can make a difference as my older box worked better with it on, my N2+ works better with it off, but its dependant on the TV hardware so its experiment time.

If your on Kodi Leia then the FAQ for the CastagnalT git hub repository says this is a known issue that’s down to Widevine security. However if your on Kodi Matrix (testbuilds) then the Latest Version (v1.13.0) does say its fixed. Though I haven’t tried it as my other half is watching the Christmas episode of “Call the Midwife” and I like my head where it is.

Thanks for suggestion, I had the default VESA mode settings in N2 and in N2+, so I suppose it is not a root cause. But I will investigate different settings.

the issue is not inly in Netflix, but also in Youtube, so it shall not be releated.

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