Odroid N2Plus Lip Sync Issues after Pause

Loving CoreELEC on my N2Plus but I’m having an issue where it goes out of lip sync after every pause. Doesn’t seem to matter what source or media. The only way to fix it is by hitting the left arrow and going back 10 seconds.

I’ve tried pretty much all the audio combinations in settings. I would say I’ve got a pretty simple audio setup N2Plus>HDMI>TV.

I’ve used addon Unpause Jumpback to try and solve it but it’s a mess. It leaves me with no audio for a few seconds and doesn’t always fix it.

Has anyone got any ideas on what I can try?

The ‘no audio for a few seconds’ is not Unpause Jumpback per se - it’s a general corelec thing…Unpause Jumpback just does a seek, identically to when you hit the left arrow. If the two seek distances (times) are the same, the behaviour is identical.

I have an N2 (going into a Denon AVR) - and am not seeing a general issue with lip sync following pause, but I will say that overall coming off pause is often (definitely not always) a little janky - I’ve noticed (particularly with 25/50 material) - that sometimes jerkiness happens after pauses - and the several seconds silence thing too. I just stop/re-start when it happens, which is slightly more than now-and-again but definitely less than often - sometimes, I guess? - but it is irritating.

I also felt in recent weeks that there has been some very minor lip sync issues that appear from time to time and i cant be sure why.

However it seems for me what fixed the issue was playing with TV settings that have to do with image. Like cinema view and motion smoothing, stuff like that. Actually in the end i selected the “Game” image profile on the TV settings which i think finally eliminated all lip sync

I don’t think it’s going to be fixable by changing any settings on my TV as if I don’t pause it’s perfectly in sync. It’s not just with certain files it’s global, all locations all formats 100% repeatable.

I’ve played around with the audio settings, pass-through etc but it doesn’t help.

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