OdroidN2 bluetooth airpods wont pair

I have a rather specific issue, I am able to pair other Bluetooth devices but my AirPods specifically won’t pair. I can see them in the list but when I attempt to pair/connect after a bit of time I get the error that the device did not communicate back.

The strange part is I get the exact same error with my JBL speaker, but the pairing still goes through.

Is anyone aware of airpod specific tweaks that would have to be done?


That’s the problem with Apple devices, shedloads of proprietary hardware designed to capture and enslave sheeple and drain their bank accounts, I mean retain a high quality service and ensure customer satisfaction. (Allegedly)

Apple Air pods use a Bluetooth 4.2 connection and use a proprietary W1 Chip to ensure connection stability the problem is that if you try to connect to anything that isn’t “Apple Certified” you hit the issues you have and because its all due to proprietary hardware there isn’t going to be a fix.

Only other (long shot) solution would be to try a Bluetooth 5.0 dongle.

Thanks for the info, i’ll see if i can get my hands on a dongle.

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