Oscam addon not available in CoreELEC repo?

I don’t find OSCAM in current CoreELEC 8.95.3 repo anymore. How can I install this addon now?

I am in the same situation.

Alternative oscam-emu (repository) https://fccandido.000webhostapp.com/repo/zips/repository.fccandido/repository.fccandido-1.0.1.zip

After install service OSCam access… ex:

Yes, the Oscam addon seems to be missing
from https://addons.coreelec.org/9.0/Amlogic/arm/addons.xml.gz

Here is the latest version compiled from the CoreELEC source code:

service.softcam.oscam-9.0.106.zip (709.4 KB)

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service.softcam.oscam-9.2.111.zip (733.0 KB)

Amlogic.arm oscam-trunk - r11570

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service.softcam.oscam-9.2.110.zip (733.0 KB)

Amlogic-ng.arm oscam-trunk - r11570