Oscam addon not available in CoreELEC repo?

I don’t find OSCAM in current CoreELEC 8.95.3 repo anymore. How can I install this addon now?

I am in the same situation.

Alternative oscam-emu (repository) https://fccandido.000webhostapp.com/repo/zips/repository.fccandido/repository.fccandido-1.0.1.zip

After install service OSCam access… ex:

Yes, the Oscam addon seems to be missing
from https://addons.coreelec.org/9.0/Amlogic/arm/addons.xml.gz

Here is the latest version compiled from the CoreELEC source code:

service.softcam.oscam-9.0.106.zip (709.4 KB)

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service.softcam.oscam-9.2.111.zip (733.0 KB)

Amlogic.arm oscam-trunk - r11570

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service.softcam.oscam-9.2.110.zip (733.0 KB)

Amlogic-ng.arm oscam-trunk - r11570

Hi everybody,

can someone please create latest oscam r11576 for me (S905) and share? Thank you very much in advance.

The most updated oscam versions (now v1.20-r11572-1) are in repository entware supported by CoreELEC (see http://bin.entware.net/aarch64-k3.10). It works very well. You can also search for information on docker containers, also supported by CoreELEC, for oscam, and finally you can search for the latest binaries for arm processors in web forums aimed at satellite receivers, these are the most updated but the origin of the applications is unknown.

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