Overscan adjustment help needed for A95x

I have a A95x (s905x) running CoreELEC-S905.arm-9.0-nightly_20181004. I have it connected to a Sony Bravia TV at 1080i. Unfortunately this TV is over-scanning by about 10%, and the TV does not have an option to disable this ‘feature’. The overscan results in the GUI having all the edges push beyond the edge of the screen.
I can adjust the overscan without issue using the 7.1 stock android rom. However I can’t seem to make the same adjustment with CoreElec. I have tried the video calibration tool (settings->system->Video calibration), but regardless of any value the GUI does not change.
I am probably making a noob mistake here, but could someone make a suggestion on what I might be screwing up?
Thanks. :smile:

Never mind. I found the settings.
For anyone else who needs this info.
Settings->System->Interface->Skin and adjust the zoom percentage.

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On Sony TV setting is screen / display area

As I stated in my initial post, this specific TV does not support disabling the over-scan feature. If it were able to do that, I would have.