Persistent system logs

My old S905X device (which worked fine for a couple of years) developed the following problem: when it starts, everything works. Then, after a few hours of uptime, suddenly it seems that it loses a network connectivity (it is connected via an ethernet port - wifi is not used on this device). As the result, I cannot ssh to the machine, and I see that kodi logs contain error messages about failure to resolve host names (when an attempt to play something from a network is attempted).

In order to understand the problem I need to access system logs, but the problem is that in order to get to those logs I have to reboot the device to get network connectivity (so that I can ssh in). But journal logs are volatile, so logs are lost during a reboot.

Is it somehow possible to make system logs persistent? Since /var is mounted as tmpfs, I cannot create a /var/log/journald directory for journald to use permanent logs.

What can be done to get persistent system logs?

The machine has the latest version of coreelec.

Choose a plan B. (1) Start your device (2) choose the automatic DHCP mode of connection to the network (3) check that there are no IP address assignment conflicts in the entire home network (4) and check the absence of intruders In the net.

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