Play does not wake up server

I have CoreElec on an Odroid N2, version The video source is a ubuntu machine with the video files on a nfs network drive.

This is configured to shutdown after a given idle time to save power.

Before that I had Kodi on a Rasberry, and when I hit play, it would first start up the machine via Wake on Lan, wait a bit, and then play. Worked nice.

Now, this does not work on CoreElec. The option is enabled. It’s also not an issue with the ubuntu machine, because I can wake it from another machines.
I installed the Advanced WOL Addon on Kodi, and this can also wake up the machine.
As far as I know, there are multiple types of packets that can wake a server up. Advanced WOL sends a magic packet. Does Kodi send something different than that? Or did I miss something?


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