Play next track broken

This is an issue which I have had since I migrated to Coreelec. When I go into my music collection and select into an album to get the tracks listing, I find that if I click on the first track it plays that track but then stops. I have “play next track” selected in the Player settings so it should play the next tracks in turn until it reaches the end of the album. The only way I can get it to play the next track is to select each in turn one by one or que them. Another option is to go back a menu level and select the album and use the context menu to play this item on the whole album.

This is not how it used to behave, and I am certain that it is not the way it is intended to behave. The reason I say this is because on my other box, running on a RaspPi 2 with Leia beta 4, it works as expected, ie it plays all the tracks in a folder in turn until it runs out if “play next track” is selected in settings.

This is a minor feature of functionality, but it is highly annoying that it is “broken” and doesn’t behave as described. Can anyone else confirm this broken behaviour.


It’s not “broken” in Kodi (or CoreELEC).
Play next track works fine here (perhaps test with a clean install and no third party addons). Sounds like you’ve imported some old Gremlin from an earlier setup :confounded:

So when I found out that this was not a general Coreelec problem I decided to dig a bit deeper.
Its a common Kodi problem that people encounter and is down to a conflict of settings.
There are two settings and they are mutually exclusive:

Play next song automatically

Queue song on selection

If they are both set to on neither will work, if Play next song automatically is on then queue song on selection must be off.

Do this and everything works as expected, but since I never use queue song on selection I have no idea how it got selected.