Playback menu and subsequent KODI menu problem

I recently noticed some odd behavior after playing a movie (4K HDR .mkv file stored on my NAS, smb share) with my ODROID N2 running CoreELEC 9.2.0. I will list the sequence of events leading up to the issue in case they may have had an effect on the situation.

  • Powered on N2 in order to browse to the Backup folder via my iMac to copy the latest .tar file to my NAS (no other devices in my home theater were powered on)
  • Mounted the Backup folder on my iMac, copied the latest .tar file, and then disconnected the Backup folder from my iMac
  • Powered on my receiver (Denon X8500H) and TV (Sony X900F)
  • Selected the N2 input, browsed my library as normal, and launched a movie

After pressing the center button with the Android logo on my MINIX Neo A2 Lite remote, I noticed the pause/play/stop menu was no longer at the bottom of the screen, rather it was across the center. The information along the top of the screen was missing.

Then after stopping the movie to get back to the menus, the bottom 2/3 of the screen was completely missing.

Powering off the N2 and turning it back on resolved the problem and all was back to normal as I tested navigating the menus, launching various movies, etc. I couldn’t recreate the issue after powering it off and back on.

Thanks in advance for any input regarding this problem.

oh this sounds not good at all. N2 is fully supported . Maybe a bug which has to be fixed .