Problem booting s905x2

Hi guys, i got a oem box with s905x2 2g ddr4 100m ethernet and rtl8822cs wifi/bt module,its factory system was android9,and it was successful boot with g12a_s905x2_2g dtb but with some errors:
1.wifi is working,but BT is not reconigzed,there is only one sdio device in /sys/bus/sdio/devices/(sdio:0001)
2.there were some errors while booting coreelec like"/init:line67:can’t create /dev/kmsg:Opretion not permitted"
3.hdmi-cec not working.
4.its a little lagging while runing coreelec, and the frames while playing movies not very stable.

I have extracted factory dtb which i decompiled to dts.

UART log booting factory firmware


UART log booting coreelec 19.4 RC3

Dmesg log while running coreelec 19.4 rc3

Dmesg log running offical firmware

gpio map obtains from /sys/kernel/debug/gpio(offical firmware)
gpiochip1: GPIOs 410-495, parent: platform/pinctrl@ff634480, periphs-banks:
gpio-448 ( |amlsd ) out hi
gpio-458 ( |amlsd ) in hi
gpio-482 ( |sdio_wifi ) out hi
gpio-493 ( |bt_rfkill ) out hi
gpio-494 ( |sdio_wifi ) in hi

gpiochip0: GPIOs 496-511, parent: platform/pinctrl@ff800014, aobus-banks:
gpio-498 ( |avout_mute ) out hi
gpio-505 ( |ledlight ) out hi
gpio-506 ( |? ) out hi
gpio-507 ( |ledlight ) out hi

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