Problem with CE-ng build for my device


I have a s905D device which I built CE with the non-ng profile for it and it’s working without problem. Now I try to build it with the NG profile. The build is successful but the image fails to start. CE boots and stuck on the splash screen. No error output or anything. What could be the possible problem? Anything can I do to troubleshoot it, such as getting the log/output etc?

-ng is not supported yet for S905D-devices, so you can’t use -ng for devices which are S905*/S912

OK, thanks for the info. Will the support for S905* be added later?

Use the normal builds without ng in the name for S905*/S912
You can check this:

Support for the S905* devices in the ng builds is not yet complete. However next time I make a test build, I can provide you a copy if you want to try it. You just need to let me know which dtb you need for your device. (Not all the dtb files have been created yet for the s905* devices on the 4.9 kernel that the ng builds use.)

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Great news!
From what I’ve been following the 4.x kernel is better than the 3.x kernel
Good one point of view.
@cdu13a When this building is available I am here to test and inform.
KI Pro Box (S905D)

I don’t understand. Just build with the project “Amlogic”?

Thanks but I think I have to do some customization and build it myself since the u-boot on my device calls s905_autoscript instead of aml_autoscript etc. I just want to know what’s the problem so I can do some debug/research and fix that. If it’s the kernel problem or dtb problem. The dtb file works with non-ng version is gxl_p230_2g. Btw I already built the dtb file with the NG version.

I tried to add “nosplash” boot parameter and only got a black screen. Where can I get some logs or errors?

Try the UART log/console.

I’d like to test the ng build on my LePotato.

Thanks. The device does not have a serial port. To do that I need to open it and do some hardware thing. So maybe I just wait.