Problem with squeezelight - need newer version in mediatools

Hi there, I have a problem runing squeezebox with squeezelight in coreelec.
If you can see here we need a newer version of squeezelight to use the c1 parameter.

Is there a way to use the newest squeezelight inthronisiert media tools addon?

Greetings Elluminatus

The squeezelight addon is not maintained by CoreELEC.
It is included in Marcel Veldt’s repository.
Therefore you should ask him in the Kodi forums to update it in his own repo.

Hi, thank you for the reply. But I dont mean the squeezebox addon. I mean the squeezelight you will find at the „multimedia tools“ addon in the team coreelec repo. So Inthinknit is mantaind by the coreelec team? Is this wrong?

Greetings Elluminatus

We can update this package but you would have to switch to nightly as it wont make it into stable until we do another release.