Problem with T95Z Plus + CoreELEC + Booting


We reverted back to the same kernel used in 8.95.3 due to other issues, it’s possible that the Ethernet fix was accidentally dropped too. We’ll try to get it sorted for the next release.


@TheCoolest please check it because it is of benefit for wast majority of the user with ZTE phy


We checked, the fix is still there.


I have solved my problem with accident.
When i set my resolution to 1920x1080p and 59,94Hz the box booting always with these settings, even if my receiver is off.
And i have found out, that the box don’t boot complete when the receiver is off.
When i turn the receiver on, then it takes a while, before the signal comes and the box booting complete, because my openvpn start then and not before.
Openvpn start automatically when coreelec is booted.
I have not updated coreelec yet.