Problematic playback, frame freeze

Hi guys, didnt really know where to put this post. I have some serious issues with playback of just a couple of videos (H.264). They stutter, or, they freeze on a certain frame for 10 seconds, then updates to a new frozen frame and so on. Audio works perfectly though. I checked the logs but cannot find anything. Doesn’t matter if I play it compressed (with RAR Archive Support) or the the unpacked rar-file.

Someone that have experienced the same or similar issues? Or just have a suggestion on what I can test?

Are this videos a records of live tv?
There are some issues with processing for not correct frames in h264 codec. Please upload a short (up to 1-2 minutes) video samples for test.

Hi boot2k3!
It is not a recording of live TV, it is a children’s movie. I tested the mkv file in VLC and there it works fine, seems to be something within Kodi that is the problem, probably incorrect frames in h264 codec as you say.
I can upload a clip of it of course, do you know any good tools to extract such sample without messing around with the codecs and stuff, I would like to keep the format of the video.

Mkvtoolnix or some similar program

Thanks, I am prepping a sample as we speak. The kids are watching another movie today. Not really the same issue but very choppy playback, with something looking like micro lag.
These issues are noticed on my Odroid N2 (2gb). I have an older Minix U9-H (S912) upstairs.
Tested all these movies that I have experienced issues with and tested on the far weaker Minix. Everything plays PERFECTLY on that one.
Something is fishy with Odroid, not with the movies. Fuck…