Problems with pvr.dvbviewer install on 8.95.5 and beyond

This isn’t a general ‘pvr addons won’t install’ - I had no problem installing pvr.iptvsimple on 8.95.5.
With dvbviewer I had no success.
Edit: see end of post - it’s working after a direct download and install from zip.

I tried on 8.95.5 first:
I saw 3 options in the repo when trying to install: (yes, 2 versions the same)

Firstly I tried
‘CCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for
I checked the repo in my browser, and indeed there is only one version visible (

So I tried that one:
‘The dependency on kodi.binary.instance.pvr version 5.10.3 could not be satisfied.’
Log is here.
@12:45:23.082 Can’t find
@12:46:14.772 try to install

I stopped kodi, deleted addons27.db, restarted and tried again. Exactly the same results.
Log is here. - nothing new to see.

I then installed the latest nightly:
I was unable to connect to the coreelec nighlt repo:
‘CAddonDatabase: no valid repository matching ‘repository.cenightly’/arm/addons.xml.gz?sha256:’’
Log is here.
See 13:20:38.043 for failed connection.

Now for the bit that really stumped me…
I downloaded from the repo in my browser.
Unzipped, opened addons.xml and the dependency is correct (5.10.4).
I tried an install from zip in 5.95.5 and it worked fine.

Something’s screwy somewhere…anyone???

Try the version here with the latest nightly.

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Thanks for replying Adam.
Yes, that works fine. was already working fine on both 8.95.5 and the nightly build (installed from zip, as in post #1).
The issue with the nightly is that I can’t connect to the repo at all (I’ve posted to that effect in the nightly thread).
The issue with 8.95.5 is that it shows the wrong version in the repo (, which isn’t there), and the repo install of fails with an incorrect dependency issue (the error doesn’t match the dependency listed in addons.xml).
Thanks for looking.

The nightly repo should be fixed, now.

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Yep, working great here, thanks.