Programs watched DB

I’m replacing a 905w box with a 905x3 box, how can i copy over the programs watched database to the new box?

Would doing a backup on the orig box & restore on the new box do this?

not sure if this will work, try exporting the video database.

How do I export the video db?

This would seem to indicate that MyVideos116.db is the database that you want but perhaps copying across the whole of /storage/.kodi/userdata/Database would be useful.

Backup the folder on the destination box first so that you have something to go back to should it not work.

settings media library

That exported the mount point info, not any info on videos from the mount point.

Export your video library as individual files, this will create an nfo for each file with it’s watched status (including resume position if applicable). You can then add the source to the new box and it will read the status from each of the nfos.

Copying MyVideos116.db from old box to new box and a reboot seems to have done the same thing.

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