Promoting Matrix skin : Artic Horizon

As good things are even better when we shared it…
I just go with matrix version and I was confused to loose my fav skin by the way (Aura), in fact it was the main reason I didn’t go yet to matrix.
The Aura author is releasing a new skin since last year, even better than Aura, see here:
It’s just perfect to me. At this level it completely change the user experience, so you certainly have to give a try ;), (copy the zip files skin + 2 plugin needed on a key, install plugin first with the install zip button of kodi, reboot)

Gave it a try but the experience was dreadful.

Opening the left navigation bar was hit and miss at best, eventually resulting in it not being available at all.

Selecting some items other than movies resulted in the interface only showing movies and then preventing return to the left bar.

The general wording for some of the options are also anything but intuitive,

Not for me I’m afraid.

I set the bar to top position, logo only, no issues yet, there is hiding menus accessible with a long clic (like on movie to see genre/date etc. filters), and if you clic on movie button (without going on movie list) it show one movie details but this is something you can parameters with different list view. It’s maybe a new logic in comparison of classics skins.
This was the force of Aura, so many possibility with custom menu and submenu etc., it is good to still have these possibilities again, yes, it take some time to custom and use correctly, discover options but once finished, it’s a pleasure to see and use (to me).

For example I had configure a power menu and a refresh movie database shortcut in the main menu.

One thing, I’m using an Minix A2 Lite as remote on my N2, maybe the remote can influence this skin experience, as box performance?

As a dyed in the wool Confluence user, I get how good a different skin can be. I’ve tried loads but, for me, Aeon Tajo was the only one that has met all my needs and pushed all my buttons. I’m hooked on it.

Sorry to go off topic. I’m sure that Artic Horizon is very good too.

If you are Confluence-based skin’s fan then Xonfluence is the one you will love for sure :slight_smile:

Development for Matrix compatibility had been restarted and now it is just perfect with a lot of new features and settings implemented that were requested by users.


Having played with Xonfluence for a couple of weeks now, it is definitely worth checking out if you love, as I do, the Confluence style.

I do also changes “day by day” also, playing with Artic Horizon. The hard part is in the menu editing, a lot of possibilities.

But you right, I’ve to give a try into the Xonfluence functionality, but in terms of style I didn’t like the grey shade + blue, seems old fashion style to me (the kind of 10 years old skin we saw on windows media player or winamp etc.), maybe it can be changed? The Artic Horizon is more actual to me.

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