PS3 controllers pairing issue


I have the bluetooth working in my x96 air since the last nightly, I have the ps3 controllers working and it looks that everything is as it should be. The issue comes when you reboot the system, the controllers disappear and you need to connect them again using the usb cable to make them pair again. Is this behavior common in CoreElec? I am missing something?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, no one knows if you need to pair each time the Bluetooth devices? I don’t want to start a new issue if this is a common behavior.

Thank you in advance.

Ping @cdu13a

No it’s not common behavior. You should only have to pair them once, and they should stay that way unless you have paired the controller to another device since the last time you used them with CoreELEC.

This is the normal behavior in all the systems that I used, but I wanted to be sure. This looks like a system issue but, could it be a Bluetooth issue?