PS3 Dualshock to control CoreELEC


I have synchronized the gamepad of the PS3 with bluetooth like I made in LibreELEC. I can use it without issues in EmulationStation. It recognizes all the buttons. However, I can not manage the Kodi menus using it. In LibreELEC I had to install the Joystick Support addon, but that addon is not found in CoreELEC.

Does anyone know how to activate the command to use the DualShock in CoreELEC system?

Thanks in advance

to pair the controller plug it in with a usb cable to your device. press the playstation button, wait a few seconds, detach controller then press the playstation button again.

After pairing the controller you might need to go to settings/system/input then configure attached controller, to make sure the buttons are mapped correctly.

Joystick Support addon should be already installed.

Thank you.

The Joystick Support addon was disabled. I enabled it and after that the dualshock controls kodi very well.


Good to hear that you got it working.