PVR IPTV Simple Client and 20100220 nightly

after updating to the nightly I’m getting a version is not compatible error message. It was disabled after the update. I tried to update but is latest and forcing it to update over itself just caused the same error and forced disabled. This was from the CoreElec repo. Any ideas?

Uninstall the addon, force update CE repo and try to install it again.

2-21 nightly available now and will update momentarily to see if that fixes it. I tried the archive client and that worked. I’ll report back.

update to 2-21 nightly and that did not fix the PVR IPTV Simple Client. I then uninstalled it, as it sits disabled by the system. When I attempted to force update the CE repo it just flashed a message saying there is no update available so I could not even get it to re-write the repo again. I then attempted to install the client again…same thing. Gets to 33% and message pops up saying it’s incompatible with this version of Kodi. I’m not going to sweat it to much as the Archive client works.

oh I forgot to mention I tried to update CE both from the context menu “check for updates” and from within the info screen “update” option.

check this