Question about new MECOOL KM8 Google Certified Box

My review of this box, running Android, not of it running CoreELEC.

You will be so kind to send me needed “Remote.config” won’t you? So that I don’t have to invent hot water again :slight_smile:

Just click this link.

remote.conf is not supported by CE.

ummm, it works for me??? UMMMM… I looked under configfiles and I don’t see the remote.conf file, where it should be. Damn… it is tough to get old. Now I am confused on what I did. I try to keep notes, but still forget, I have sooo many boxes. Today alone, I have swapped firmware’s on my X9 (Amlogic S905x) and my A95X Pro (Amlogic S905 W). Besides making TWRP backups for them…

Either way, it only took a few minutes to get the stock remote (combo IR/Bluetooth) to get working with CoreELEC.

#    this file is configuration for each factory remote device
#    factory_code      each device has it's unique factory code.
#                      pattern: custom_code(16bit) + index_code(16bit)
#                      examble: 0xff000001 = 0xff00(custom_code) + 0001(index_code)
#    work_mode         0 :software mode  1 :hardware mode
#    repeat_enable     0 :disable repeat 1 :enable repeat
#    release_delay     unit: ms
#                      release will report from kernel to user layer after this period
#                      of time from press or repeat triggered.
#    debug_enable      0 :debug disable  1 :debug enable
#    bit_count         how many bits in each frame
#    tw_leader_act     time window for leader active
#    tw_bit0           time window for bit0 time.
#    tw_bit1           time window for bit1 time
#    tw_repeat_leader  time window for repeat leader
# REG:
#    reg_base_gen      set value for PREG_IR_DEC_BASE_GEN
#    reg_control       set value for PREG_IR_DEC_CONTROL
#    reg_leader_act    set value for PREG_IR_DEC_LEADER_ACTIVE
#    reg_leader_idle   set value for PREG_IR_DEC_LEADER_IDLE
#    reg_repeat_leader set value for PREG_IR_DEC_REPEAT_IDLE
#    reg_bit0_time     set value for PREG_IR_DEC_BIT0_TIME

#Videostrong - Blue Grey MECOOL M8S Pro remote. Custom mapping for LibreELEC Krypton by WRXTASY


factory_code  = 0xff000001
work_mode     = 0
repeat_enable = 1
repeat_delay  = 40
repeat_peroid = 39
release_delay = 121
debug_enable  = 0

#fn_key_scancode = 0x12
#cursor_left_scancode = 0x5a
#cursor_right_scancode = 0x1b
#cursor_up_scancode = 0x06
#cursor_down_scancode = 0x16
#cursor_ok_scancode = 0x1a

		0x59  116    # power
		0x19  113    # mute
		0x0d  1      # home

    		0x45  46     # C = Context menu
                0x51  24     # O = Kodi codec info
    		0x05  158    # exit/back

    		0x06  103    # up
    		0x5a  105    # left
    		0x1a  28     # enter/OK Long Press = Pause
    		0x1b  106    # right
    		0x16  108    # down

    		0x08  104    # page+
    		0x0b  109    # page-
    		0x52  2	     # 1
    		0x50  3      # 2
    		0x10  4      # 3
    		0x56  5      # 4
    		0x54  6      # 5
    		0x14  7      # 6
    		0x4e  8      # 7
    		0x4c  9      # 8
    		0x0c  10     # 9
    		0x0f  11     # 0
    		0x22  23     # info
    		0x12  128    # stop

                0x13  115    # vol+
                0x17  114    # vol- 
    		0x18  20     # subtitle



                0x13  115    # vol+
                0x17  114    # vol-
                0x1a  28     # enter/OK Long Press = Pause
                0x05  158    # exit/back Long Press = Stop


This mapping works for the Bluetooth remote also.

@clarkss12 CoreELEC does NOT use remote.conf, your getting a false impression that it does because Mecool remotes work out of the box with CoreELEC, no additional configuration is needed thanks to @afl1.

You must be correct, since it is your firmware, but I vaguely remember that the remote did not work when I first installed your CoreELEC. Just to satisfy my curiosity, I may just do it again. I THINK it took me three tries to get the correct device tree, but my memory is very bad.

But, I MAY have installed LibreELEC first, hard to remember what I do. If that is the case, then that explains why the remote did not wok. I tinker too much.

Sadly, for Gbit/802.11ac a neglected S912 is needed…

I’m not sure I understand? I have seen S905X boxes with 802.11ac.

S905D is currently the best chip to buy as it is slightly improved upon the S905X and it also has a dedicated HDR pipeline unlike the S905X/W, similar to the S912 and it also has Gbit.

@clarkss12 I modified your post so it is displayed properly.

Didn’t know that. Have not seen any S905X with Gbit/AC, was under impresion that only S912 has Gbit/AC…

Watched it and wander, how/where can I get mentioned “modified Netflix version” ?

No the S905D also has it and would probably be my goto box but it does cost more.

Some S905X boxes have the QCA9377 chip which is AC, this is an excellent chip as the driver is properly open-sourced to a good standard with mainline compatibility.

Will have that in mind for my next purchase, tnx :slight_smile:

Thank you Adamg…

Do a search for this “Netflix 5.0.5 HD”. That version of Netflix WILL play in 1080P on this box, but it is a touch screen version. By rights, since this box has HDCP 2.2, Netflix SHOULD play in 4k, but it doesn’t. My Xiaomi Mibox supports HDCP 2.2 and plays Netflix in 4k.

Tnx; found it on my PC’s hard drive in Netflix archive folder :slight_smile:


Can someone explain how they got Coreelec booting on this?
I’ve tried with both microsd card and USB stick, doesn’t work.
Is there a special procedure to boot Coreelec?


It boots like many of other android boxes with the help of Reset Button.
Holding reset button pressed and then powering the box forces it to boot from SD/USB without problem…

Doesn’t have a reset button. But I got it working with the right DTB file :slight_smile: