RBG full and limited range selection

Hi all
I have memory that in one of the old CE 8.xx alpha there was an option in settings to switch between limited and full range for RGB, but now it is removed.
From the test I did I see that the output from a S905x box is RGB limited, that cause high level of black and low level of white on TV capable only of full range.
I know that the display shall be able to detect and properly handle it, but some can’t (like one of my cheap guest TV).
So I am asking if it has been removed for a reason, or if there is a way to set it in another way, maybe sysfs.
Yes, there are other workaround, if supported by the display, like set 444,8bit but flexible RGB output could be useful anyway

Same here, I’ve been searching for this option also and found this post.

On my Sony Android TV the config optons for limited/unimited range disappeared after Nougat upgrade… so I assume it’s now some kind of “auto” mode. Would like to use this option to check what dliveres the better results.

Currenty I see some hefty color conversion banding, unfortunately.

there is https://github.com/CoreELEC/CoreELEC/commit/cba2e224a8554cbaef04d267252e6cafdf921b8b, which supposed to added this in the past?


@anon88919003 I see that you made this patch, that now it has been removed in this commit. Has it been done for a specific reason?

From memory this option was hidden in Kodi because it never worked correctly on Amlogic.