Really struggling with the remote on wp2

So i Was under the impression that wp2 is supported out of the box. So upon first use the only buttons to work are power volume channels and a few others.

I went about trying to create a new map using ir-keytable -t. Part way through the first few commands, I realized i was basically just creating an exact copy of what is already under wetek_play_2 rc-keymaps files.

So I installed the keymap editor to manually appoint the keys, but so many buttons have the same “key id” that its not behaving as expected.

For e.g. [*] on the wetek remote carries 61592 but so does the [≡] so if i set it to context menu when i press [*] it also shows context menu.

Are you saying that multiple buttons on the remote give the same IR codes?

Thanks for responding. I’ll start from the beginning. The file created using the ir-keytable (the one under folder rc_keymaps) they all have different codes e.g.

0x5e5f02 KEY_POWER
0x5e5f46 KEY_SLEEP
0x5e5f10 KEY_MUTE

Without making any modifications, and Installing the keymap editor addon, when assigning keys, some of them have the same decimal value e.g the one above will have both key id = 12345 in the XML file for 2 different buttons.

Can you paste a copy of the files you have modified/created.