Reboot from emmc

I have android tv installed on emmc and ce on sd.
Reboot from emnc/nand stopped working.
It worked before and suddenly not. If i take out the sd it boots to emmc (android tv)
I have the latest nightly on Vim2

Can you help?

I reverted a change in the u-boot tools. Please try tomorrow the next available nightly.

Will check asap and update you

With latest nightly and uSD inserted, it loads first u-boot from eMMC and then boots from uSD card, so I guess it works as intended.

Thx for testing!

Ah, just remembered that my test is maybe not relevant, as I tested with CE.9.0.3 on eMMC and CE nightly.20190806 on my N2. Don’t have Android TV on eMMC to make relevant test…

Its working now!
Thanks alot