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uso un wetek play 2 collegato a uno yamaha rx v465 e a un panasonic 50st60. Ho settato il refresh su avvio/arresto della riproduzione. Ho anche provato a usare la whitelist, ma il problema rimane.Quando mando in riproduzione un video 1080p 24hz spesso la riproduzione parte a 60hz invece che a 24hz. Quando succede ho notato che nella whitelist le risoluzioni a 24hz non sono più selezionabili, restano solo quelle a 50hz e 60hz. Per avere la lista completa devo riavviare il wetek play 2, e solo dopo il riavvio il refresh funziona e i video partono anche a 24hz. Da cosa può dipendere ? è colpa del wetek , del sinto amplificatore o del televisore?

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I use a wetek play 2 connected to a yamaha rx v465 and a panasonic 50st60. I set the refresh to start / stop playback. I also tried using the whitelist, but the problem remains.When I send a 1080p 24hz video to play, playback often starts at 60hz instead of 24hz. When it happens I noticed that in the whitelist the resolutions at 24hz are no longer selectable, only those at 50hz and 60hz remain. To get the complete list I have to restart the wetek play 2, and only after the restart does the refresh work and the videos also start at 24hz. What can it depend on? is it the fault of the wetek, the sinto amplifier or the TV?
Thank you

@dibotto I approved the post, however just to note that the CoreELEC forum is an English language forum, and you are much more likely to get a response if you post in English. I used google translate and added an english translation to your post for you.

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I installed CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm-9.2-nightly_20200114 and last night the frequency was updated regularly. I keep trying.

even with the nightly versions the problems with the refresh rate continue … sometimes it doesn’t update at the right frequency, 24hz … i can’t understand if it depends on the box, the tv or the hdmi cable?

no one has problems with the refresh rate?

Can you try with your device directly connected to your TV. It may be that the audio device between your device and TV is the cause of the problem, but you won’t know until you try being directly connected to the TV.