Refresh Rate Settings and Box Defaults

Great comments and support here. The information on the Whitelist is greatly appreciated.

Um…call me Mr Thicky here, but what’s the benefit of this?

I thought if I played 720p content when using resolution of 1080p then my TV upscales?

Isn’t that what we want to happen?

Why would you see the video in 720p resolution if your tv is scaling to 1080p?

I wonder what it would do if your playing netflix in 720p on your 4K tv…

Is 720p upscaling to 4k either?

The point is when you have a 4K TV and your UI is at 1080P, when you play SD or 720P video, the box upscales from the content resolution up to 1080P and then the TV does the upscaling from 1080P up to 4K.
If you have Kodi switch to the content resolution, the box won’t do any upscaling at all, and the TV will be using its video processor to do the heavy lifting.

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So far, I have not seen any commit on github about this.

Whitelist on xbmc github

can’t seem to find an instruction on how to whitelist?

here you are:
but CE youses still kodi version without this function