Release schedule

Hi guys,

personally, I use several Kodi installations which get their data from a central SQL database (MariaDB).
I kinda like to live on the bleeding edge, so my windows KODI installations run the latest Leia nightlies and my other boxes are AML based, which run CoreELEC.

Normally, there’s all kinds of small gripes and bugs involved with which I can live. There’s one major pain in the buttocks, though, when KODI core bumps the video or music database. At that moment, the Windows and CoreELEC installations run out of sync for a while, until CoreELEC catches up with the latest codebase. This has happened twice this week with the video database being bumped from 110 to 111 and then 112 one day later.

So, my request would be to change the CoreELEC release schedule in a way that every time KODI core bumps the database, at least a nightly compiled version from the same codebase is made available to us end-users. I don’t really care if the latest PR’s are included, it’s just to keep things in sync.

Maybe even a user could provide such a service, but in that case I would ask NOT to include new patches but to use the CoreELEC code from that last stable and just rebase it on the new KODI code. This just to avoid unwanted help requests here.

Thanks in advance for considering!

You can compile yourself a custom image with a virtual machine. I recommend to download an Ubuntu 16 image from for VirtualBox and follow these instructions: (you have to clone the CoreELEC repo instead of the LibreELEC one, obviously) and edit /packages/mediacenter/kodi/ with the latest Kodi commit in PKG_VERSION (you can comment out PKG_SHA256 or calculate the value yourself) and should compile out of the box if no new depends are needed.

This is needed, for example, with the latest CoreELEC from the repo because ac3 sound is broken and this commit fixes it.

Thanks, but not really what I asked for.

How about switching to emby for central database?

I am trying to do this at the moment and testing how it goes

I think the current stance is to ‘err on the side of caution’, rather than trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’ (Window’s). I’m sure that most would agree, it’s far better to have fewer quality releases than many inadequate, rushed builds :thinking:
This is my opinion, and not necessarily that of da management :smile:

I totally agree with that when it comes to patches. From database bumps, however, there’s no going back and we can’t do anything against it :frowning: