Remote for Odroid N2

I just installed VIM; I’ll go about creating those files shortly.

What about the location; is /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/ is from Windows Explorer, and if so, what aren’t I seeing it?

The storage location is a Linux file system. You are seeing the samba share of that location which is why it looks different. If I were doing it I would ssh into the box and do it all via nano. Windows uses putty in place of ssh.
Doing everything directly from Windows explorer is frought with potential issues and as pointed out Windows will mangle the file format.

At least you managed to generate the file which means the functionality you need is working fine.

So I have been using PuTTY to SSH into my N2, or so I thought?

What should I be using to SSH into the N2 from Windows (7)?

And you lost me at “all via nano”.

PuTTY is the Windows version of the standard Linux tool SSH. Nano or VIM are two simple console based text editors in Linux, I find Nano to be considerably easier to use than VIM but others will disagree. There are tutorials on using all these tools on the web. You must have been using PuTTY to create your codes in the first place.
You need to learn how to navigate through file structures to create your files via Nano/VIM. The learning curve to use Linux tools is quite steep initially but if you are serious about computing you will encounter Linux systems at every turn so they will serve you well. Windows deliberately makes doing all of these things hard - even getting to a decent console is a pain in Windows.


I’d rather just use my FLIRC device which has served me well for many years.
The issue is that when connected to my N2, sometimes it registers multiple key presses, sometimes incorrect key presses etc.

What could be causing this considering a USB keyboard connected to the N2 works just fine?

The built in IR receiver maybe registering key presses as well as your Flirc. Try covering the IR and see if it makes a difference.

That was my very first thought too… it made no difference.

At this point, I’d be happy just to buy a compatible remote.

What are the three “best” IR remotes that just work with CoreElec (N2+)?

Just choose one?

I really like the Minix A2 Lite. Plug and Play. I prefer a BT remote, though as it feels faster in response.
Edit: sry, just now noticed you are looking for IR (sure? :wink: ) and the only IR button on the mInix Neo A2 lite is the powerbutton…