Remote sometimes not working after powering on

Sometimes on a fresh boot my 2.4Ghz remote isn’t working (nothing happens when pressing the buttons). I reboot the box and it’s working again.

It’s happens very sporadically, so I don’t really know if this is something introduced in the latest versions of CoreElec. Currently running on 8.90.4, but also experienced it on .3 and maybe even on .2

Anyone else running into this or is it just me?

Yes, I have the same problem. I just plug dongle in/out, that helps. I think I haven’t found anything interesting in dmesg

I had another issue with my 2.4GHz remote keyboard (Rii mini i8) on 8.90.4. I think Kodi somehow “thought” that it was a communication dongle and showed the message “Remote communication server failed to start”. However my Rii keyboard worked OK.
After disabling -> Settings/Services/Remote control through applications on this machine on my X92 box there is no more message.

Try to disable this option, maybe it helps…

I just tested, and plugging the dongle in and out seems to work.

I’ve also checked to log after a boot where the remote wasn’t detected and didn’t manage to spot anything strange. In the logs I can even see kodi finding a keyboard and mouse (the remote is the only thing physically hooked up to the tvbox).

I also use Yatse (android app) to control my TVBox from time to time and I think I would need that setting enabled for it to work. Thanks anyway!