Remove ineffective Keyboard Layout option in service.coreelec.settings

I just started using CoreELEC on an Odroid N2 and I am quite happy with the results but it took me a very long time to find out how the keyboard layout was supposed to be changed.

Changing the layout in the CoreELEC settings addon did nothing. I saw it running loadkmap < `ls -1 /usr/lib/keymaps/*/azerty.bmap` in the debug log but the layout was still qwerty. Changing the value to any other layout had absolutely no effect.

After a while, I found out that the right way to change the layout was in Kodi’s System → Input → Keyboard Layouts.

Therefore, I think the option should removed from the addon and there should be some kind of documentation for this because I’m not the only one who’s confused: Keyboard set to wrong layout

Have a read of the Guides & How tos section.

I’m not sure what you mean by that. There is no info about keybload layout there. Actually, out of the whole forum, I only found one other thread mentioning that issue and I linked it in my initial post.

I mean that there is info relating to remotes and keyboard customisation.
Also try a search of the forum, I also knew nothing about this (especially when CE changed to meson, but have customised my Harmony remotes from the info available here. I guess it is a little confusing though. :smile:

As I said, I searched the whole forum and only found one thread mentioning keyboard layout. The only thread that helped me was on LE forums.

I’m pretty sure the option from CoreElec settings does nothing and should be removed to avoid confusion, this is the reason I posted here.

And I would have posted this under but issues are disabled so I assume I have to report problems here.

What CE version are you running? I don’t even see a keyboard setting in the CoreELEC settings addon? Or are you referring to the input section under system of the settings page?

Ahh I see you are.

I got a bit confused myself with

My bad, I’ll withdraw my (un)help then :rofl:

I’m running 9.2.2. There is a Keyboard Layout setting just below the hostname (not my screenshot but you get the idea):

Changing this setting does nothing, that’s why it should be removed.

Yes, what I am saying is that these other settings are actually useful and have an effect on the keyboard layout but this was mentioned nowhere in the howto section.

Bottom line:

  • there are two ways to change the keyboard layout
  • only one works
  • the ineffective one should be removed

So which keyboard layout is your keyboard? TBH neither seems to have any effect on my keyboard, it works fine regardless of what I set it to. :thinking:
I would add though, that the CE addon setting would obviously relate to the keyboard layout interpretation of CE (the operating system that Kodi runs on) and the other to Kodi itself. There can be situations where kodi might be stopped but the OS still operational.
I’m pretty sure that, if the setting is simply there for show and serves no actual purpose, now that you have brought this to the devs attention, they will fix it or remove it. :+1:

Not sure if this is relevant, there are two places to change the default US keyboard.
Under CE settings as shown in the picture above & (Kodi) Settings, interface, regional, this can change the keyboard layout.

I do this, when I plug in my external wired keyboard in, it works as a UK kb

It is fr. Setting the layout to French in the input options made it work for Kodi.

I hadn’t really thought of that because HDMI output seemed to stop working whenever I stopped Kodi but maybe I need to switch TTYs. I’ll test and let you know if the CoreElec option does anything there. But since Kodi is the one running the loadkmap, I doubt it applies to other TTYs.

This is for the virtual keyboard. The physical keyboard settings are in System → Input → Keyboard Layouts.
The fact that there is this third setting (although the caption mentions virtual keyboards) adds to the confusion and overall difficulty of keyboard layout configuration :stuck_out_tongue: