Removing auto boot

Hi all,
I’ve got the latest version of CE installed to internal on a Beelink MX Mini and all is fine except for one small thing. If I reboot the box hangs when USB drives are plugged in and I suspect it’s because the system is looking to boot from them. Is there a way to remove the auto boot, from SD/USB, so I can leave drives plugged in when booting?

I suspect it’s more to do with the USB drive. Are you talking about a thumb drive? If you are referring to a USB HDD that doesn’t have an independent PSU then, that is your issue for sure.

Yes it was the Sandisk USB thumb drive. My 4TB drive is fine being plugged in as I edited the sleep timing. Thanx

Tip: Seagate drives can have their internal sleep edited but the software only runs/works correctly on Windows 7. I keep a copy of Windows 7 on an old drive to boot one of my PC’s from just to edit sleep on Seagate drives. Think I read that the extra security on Windows 10 interferes with the Seagate software. You can also get the LED to remain off when in use which is handy if you like a very dark room.

I have several usb thumb drives that don’t play nice. Just one of ‘them things’, I think :thinking:
Come to think of it they’re Sandisk too! The mini ones.