Report about Amlogic S905X4 HK1 RBOX X4

That’s great news, I was figuring I would have to wait for the 5.4 kernel since I was using the unifreq source and couldn’t get it to load meson8

That will make a lot of people happy…

Did you ever get around to evaluating performance?


I have still been using this X4 device as my primary media player, for CoreELEC only.

There is no noticeable difference between the smoothness of the X4 and X3 boxes that I have, they are both a very smooth and fast when going from screen to screen.

The main thing missing is the dual boot function from within CoreELEC, not sure if it can ever be implemented due to the X4 bootloader.

This box also does not pass through the HDR video codecs at this time.

Bottom line, I would not hesitate to purchase another one of these inexpensive X4 Chinese boxes specifically for CoreELEC.

Not sure if that exactly answered your question.

Hi. You mentioned that the x4 CE doesn’t work with HDR? So only SDR content only?

HDR should work on S905x4 boxes. No idea about clarkss12 issue.

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HDR works fine on my HK1 Rbox X4S.

What about Dolby Vision? My new TV supports DV

The soc doesn’t support DV, even if it did we still don’t have any breakthrough on DV camp.

Strange, I can not get my TV to show HDR, what settings do I use?

According to the amlogic website the s905x3 and x4 socs support Dolby vision.

Vasco, I ran your code and this is what I got. Problem of my TV not showing HDR. To be noted, I have an X905X3 and the same video shows HDR.
Vasco: “Please run the video and post the output of dispinfo
You can also run dmesg -c and dmesg|paste after pressing play”

Here is the logs from my HK1 Rbox X4.

That is useful to know since I was debating whether to buy another X3 or get a X4.


I think that may mean there are model variants that support DV (there are various sub-variations of S905x3 and x4s I believe). There’s also the matter of enabling it and licensing it with Dolby I believe?

Yes,.I have a S922x variant that supports DV. It’s not supported in CE though.

Here is a test and image with the PR from @7Ji included to add JL2xx1 support for the 4.9 kernel.
So anyone what have such HK1 box with this gbit LAN SoC try this image if 1gbit connection get established than.

Just place the tar in the update folder and reboot.

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I tried this on my x96_x4 (mentioned device above already),
and now i get LAN connection, and an IP from DHCP, but somehow it is unstable,
and opened connections get lost, maybe because of failing error correction.
I cannot even open ssh to box from linux laptop, it get stuck after entering password.

LAN works well on Android tho.

So any idea @7Ji?
When the issues are solved we can merge the PR.

The stmmac driver is loaded the same on my S905X3 box and other users’ S905X4 boxes, but there seems some differences on how the driver actually work on them. Maybe S905X4 has different MAC part from S905X3?

Now I’m even not confident on the PR as a whole, maybe it even only works on my box and not on any other boxes? I can’t quite get this solved as I don’t have a S905X4 with JL2101 nor other S905X3 boxes besides my HK1 BOX with JL2101.