Request to change Kodi default Setting

Since “Setting Level” is already set to “Expert” is it possible to change settings in Settings/Media/General -> Show hidden files and directories to ON?
I see no reason for this setting to default to OFF since the potentially “dangerous” setting for Allow file renaming and deletion is sett to off.

If you know how to use hidden files you know how to push the switch (a simple one off action). If you don’t know what to do with hidden files then you have no reason to be able to see those files.


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Did not ask for myself, but for novice users that have difficulty finding their way around complex Kodi settings :wink:
And it’s not so much about hidden files, mainly about hidden directories where the confusion arises.

Against. A novice wouldn’t know how to hide files and directories in the OS in the first place. Also, pr0n.

Hmm…, for what reason would any novice want to hide files/directories?

I would be in support of this.

Folders such as .update can be useful to have immediate access to in order to use the file manager to copy updates across instead of SSH.

I would go one step further to also turn on Allow file renaming and deletion.

I believe that any risk of turning on the hidden files option as a default is extremely low in terms of the most important consideration for me, the potential for an increased level of support requirement.

I guess you would have to say that if an option called Expert is turned on by default then you are, by the very definition of the word expert, opening up the potential for issues created from use of those who are not experts.

I think the benefits outweigh the cons.

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