Resolution setting

Because then Kodi will select the correct resolution and refresh rate to match the video.

So the hz is dependent of the source of the video?
But when the video is 24hz kodi can’t upscale it to 60 hz
Sorry I don’t now how it exactly works.

It’s a complicated subject.
It’s always preferred to watch content at the native frame rate, or multiples of it (like for a 24 FPS signal, 48Hz or 72Hz are also good).
Most PC monitors don’t support 24Hz input signal, but all TVs should support 24Hz input. Some TVs can’t physically switch down to 24 or 48Hz, and have to resort to a method called “3:2 pulldown”. The panel runs at 60Hz internally, and displays even frames 3 times and odd frames 2 times. This usually causes judder.
More advanced TVs with 60Hz panels can switch down to 48Hz, and TVs with a native refresh rate of 120Hz have no judder issues, because 120 is evenly divided by 24.

You can’t “upscale” FPS. What you mean is called “frame interpolation”, and this method introduces “fake” intermediate frames between real ones to make a 24FPS source playback at 60FPS for example.
This is almost always done by the TV or a video processor. Aggressive frame interpolation usually leads to visual artifacts and soap opera effect.

If this is an interesting topic for you, check out
They do very scientific TV reviews and have a lot of information of these topics you can read.

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Oké thanks always good to now how it works.
So i don’t use settings that make is worse.
If i understand you right the best thing to do is not Using the withelist so kodi select the best resolution and hz depending of the source.
And the tv will handle it to give me the best possible quality.
I have to say With disabled the withelist its looks smoother at first sight… But have to test is when watching some 4k movies

Yes, it’s best to disable whitelist.
The only thing it’s good for is if you watch a lot of SD content, and want it to be played at native resolution. Kodi only switches the resolution up, if needed. With whitelist, resolution can be switched down as well. But I really don’t think many people would need such a setup, and most boxes can upscale SD to 1080P OK.

Oke thanks for your help all settings are now like the have to bee…i think

Great website by the way. Change some settings recommended by the site like disabled lg truemotion (on lg oled) and it looks even better now