Is it possible to play 1080p Files in 4k resolution? Or does the output default to the res of the File?

It output the same resolution. If you want to upscale 1080p content to 4K, your should have your TV to do that. There is no reason to do that unless you have an expensive high-end TV which use AI for upscaling…

Ah its no big deal, just wondering if it was possible.

In 9.2.1 there is no point in running GUI at 4K, as by default it will be upscaled 1080P anyway.
You can disable this scaling, and then the GUI will run at true 4K at the cost of performance and possible display corruption issues.

If you use the whitelist, you can select the specific resolutions/refresh rates that Kodi will automatically switch to when you start playing your media.
If whitelist is not used, Kodi will only switch into higher resolution. For example:

  • If GUI is at 1080P, and content is 4K, it will switch into 4K resolution.
  • If GUI is at 1080P, and content is 720P, it will NOT switch into 720P.

It’s usually suggested to let the TV do the upscaling, as it usually does a better job than the box.

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Is that what you meant to type?


You can configure Kodi, and thus CoreElec, to do either.

If you use Whitelists for multiple resolutions (and frame rates) then Kodi will change its video output format (i.e. resolution and frame rate) to the nearest/best whitelisted mode for the content you are playing, so your display can handle the upscaling.

If you don’t use a Whitelist, then Kodi will output at a fixed resolution and scale content that are in other formats to this resolution. (You can still have frame rate switching in this situation if you enable it in player settings)

**EDIT - If you have refresh rate switching enabled, and your display supports higher resolutions than the Kodi configured resolution, when you play higher resolution material Kodi will switch (to avoid downscaling in Kodi followed by upscaling in your display) **

Personally I think my TV does a pretty good job of upscaling - so I use whitelisting.

If whitelist is not used, Kodi will switch to higher resolutions automatically, but not to lower ones. Unless you also uncheck the match refresh rate option.

Apologies - I’d forgotten the older resolution switching functionality was retained when whitelisting was introduced.

If I play a 1080p video, and select the resolution 2160p, will it be upscaled?

When video resolution is lower than screen resolution, and the video is taking up the whole screen, then it is upscaled.
You can always set zoom to “original” and watch it on 1/4th of the screen.

You could whitelist 1080p resolutions and 2160p that way 1080p resolutions play at 1080p