Restart Kodi via JSON-RPC

With CE it is possible to restart system but also Kodi only (via power menu).

I want to to restart Kodi (not system) via remote. Afaik the “restart Kodi” within the power menu is doing the same as “systemctl restart kodi”?
Is it possible to fire this restart via JSON RPC command also?

Thanks in advance

Unpack this addon to /storage/.kodi/addons, restart Kodi from menu, enable this new addon and then use this JSON command to restart kodi

'{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": 1, "method": "Addons.ExecuteAddon
", "params": {"addonid": "script.json.restart", "params": ["restart_kodi"]}}' (1.0 KB)

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Thanks Peter, works like a charm!

Actually, it didn’t work at beginning, because I use Kodi 18 (need to change to python 2.6. and some tags) and file permissions of sh file (744), but after that it worked.

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