Rolling back from 8.90.3 to 8.90.2

Hi all,
As a temporary measure I decided to roll back from .3 to .2 because I was getting complaints about the lack of search facility in some addons and a few other minor issues. Also .3 is a bit buggier than .2 on my VIM2 where things were rock solid. I imagined this would simply be a matter of placing the .tar into the upgrade folder but I hit a few issues.
MONO kept causing problems when migrating addons which would simply get stuck - this was easily solved by blocking upgrade of MONO and deleting the file from the addons packages folder.
What caused more issues was “input stream adaptive” which retained the newer .3 version and failed to migrate. The .3 inputstream adaptive is incompatible with .2. I solved this issue by deleting the .3 versions and copying back in the addons from an old 8.90.2 backup.
I also had issues with my libraries which needed rescanning as the disk name subtly changed between .3 and .2

So if you decide to roll back from .3 to .2 do not expect it to be completely smooth.


Both Inputstream addons in my case. Also, only partially solves the issue because Kodi still wants to upgrade them to the new versions, but obviously can’t due to dependencies. So it’s working, but extremely annoying with the notifications, etc.

Mine stopped asking to upgrade the addons and no longer has the migration issue.
Still its been far more work to downgrade than I was expecting. I think the Kernel change made this a major bump from .2 to .3 which always makes downgrading tricky.


Absolutely. Anyone seeing this thread would be advised to do a fresh install and restore from backup.

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Noticed the same after having to revert to .2 as start up failures were becoming more frequent with .3

I was nagged about input stream adaptive & rmtp? (or something similar) being disabled due to incompatibilities even after clean install and restore of backup
I must admit that all I have done to date is delete them (will have to look into it further)

Yes its input stream adaptive and rmtp which cause the main problems (though MONO is also suspect). Find an old backup of 8.90.2 and extract them back into the addons folder. Might help to disable auto-update on them as well.
These addons also caused the Migrating addons to hang at boot (but in a rather inconsistent way).

I also found that I had to delete and reinstall YOUTUBE and all its python dependencies before I could get it to work. I had to click on each of the python dependencies suggested by the Youtube install to bring them back.


I don’t have any problem with 8.90.3