RTL8723BS bluetooth not working on 9.2.2

I’ve reverted the changes so our next build will not have this issue for you, no date on when that will be right now though.

Thanks @anon88919003
I was able to retrieve the files you suggested from the CoreElec 9.2.1 disk image I used to dd my SD card.
Mounted first partition with 512x8192 offset.
# losetup -o 4194304 /dev/loop5
# mount /dev/loop5 /tmp/vdisk
The I copied “/tmp/vdisk/IMAGE” file outside the directory
# cp /tmp/vdisk/IMAGE /tmp/
Unmounted disk iimage and released loop5
# umount /tmp/vdisk
# losetup -d /dev/loop5
# umount /tmp/vdisk
Then unsquashed the filesystem IMAGE
# cd /tmp/ && unsquash IMAGE
I obtained a new dir /tmp/squashfs-root
The files you I looked for are in

The path is different than yours because in my case Im looking into the pre-boot system files.

So, as patch until next release, what about if I include that files in the squashed filesystem of 9.2.2 instead copying at boot?
Of course also masking 9.2.2 rtkbt-firmware-aml startup script and adding /bin/rtk_hciattach execution at startup …

Apologies if I got the paths wrong, you could certainly do this as a workaround if you have the knowledge.

A lot of work for an ageing system. :sweat_smile:

@anon88919003 sounds good. Will it make it into the nightlies?

And yes I guess it is a bit of effort but s905x with 3gb ram is still perfect for Kodi no issues at all.

I’m not opposed to upgrading though but in this case I think it’s a fixable issue. Can you link the PR that reverts the change?

I haven’t had a chance to look yet busy ‘working’ at home during a pandemic with a kid running around but I’m sure it’s possible to make the build support both methods and choose at boot up which loader/firmware to use. If you link the PR or I track it down on GitHub I’ll have a look.

The changes are already live in our GitHub, I have reverted the driver changes just for older devices without affecting newer ones.

Thanks @anon88919003

I’ll start shopping around for some newer units!

@adamg Uh? Did you already done the job?
But how it is possible to patch an already upgraded 9.2.2 system from github?
Maybe I’m good to un-squash and re-squash filesystem, but I’m a disaster in pull’n’roll projects from GitHub :frowning:
Can someone help me with a little step-by-step how-to?

@juggie are you able to setup remote access to one of your devices so I can see if this still an issue or not and try to fix it if it is.

@anon88919003 Yep I can do that. What version of coreelec do you want on there?

The latest nightly.

@anon88919003 k will do that tomorrow (Tuesday) on a spare box. I’ll pm you when done. I presume you don’t need outbound internet access and being able to ssh in and scp files will be all you require?

Well I will need to be able to pull changed files in.

@anon88919003 ok.

Also please install system-tools addon as I will need strace.

@anon88919003 np. I’m on pandemic dad duty right now but I’ll sort this out later today.

@juggie no need anymore, another user let me in and I was able to see the issue and fix it in the latest nightly.

@anon88919003 K sorry about that, I have a 2 1/2 year old at home so between working from home and running the day care I have little free time. Thanks for looking into and thanks to ’
other user!’.

Hello @anon88919003,

I have the same problem with my BeeLink Mini MXIII (S905) TV Box …

With the previous image 9.2.1 everything went as it should.
With the update to 9.2.2, CoreELEC unfortunately no longer recognizes an adapter.

udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/sdio* | paste:
P: /devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
L: 0
E: DEVPATH=/devices/d0070000.sdio/mmc_host/sdio/sdio:0001/sdio:0001:1
E: DRIVER=rtl8723bs
E: SDIO_ID=024C:B723
E: MODALIAS=sdio:c07v024CdB723
E: SYSTEMD_WANTS=rtkbt-firmware-aml.service
E: TAGS=:systemd:

Would be great if the fix would be.

best regards

Try latest nightly build.

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I’ll take that back first.
@relkai Nightlybuild, solved the problem.
Everything works as before.

thank you @TheCoolest