RTL8812AU driver problems


I recently bought a USB WIFI adapter based on the RTL8812AU chipset. I am having lots of issues with the driver included in Coreelec. When I boot my TV-box or wake it up from sleep mode, it does not connect to WIFI automatically and instead just says failure in the status. I always have to remove the WiFi-dongle and plug it back in to make my WIFI work. After some research I found that the driver included in Coreelec is based on an old Realtek driver version. The newer Realtek driver versions provided bug fixes, added support for newer Kernels and fixed the WIFI KRACK attack (source).

I found this repository which is maintained by the guys from Kali Linux which features a newer driver version and has compile options for arm and arm64.

So I kindly wanted to ask if we could use this driver instead.

I was able to compile this driver for the Amlogic-ng branch, however I was not able to test it since my build won’t compile completely.

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I seem to also be having problems with my RTL8812AU dongle (ASUS USB-AC56/0b05:17d2) on my ODROID N2 and can confirm that it seems like the Realtek driver used is version 5.1.5. From what I’ve read, everything prior to 5.2.20 isn’t so good.

Wondering if there’s anyway to update this driver to the aircrack-ng repo manually?

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Hi! Oh man, so relieved to find this discussion. I’m having an issue with RTL8812AU forgetting my network. did you ever figure out the manual update?