Run X application on CE

Hello all,

Is it possible before starting kodi to run some of X applications for example using /storage/.config/ script?

GitHub repo contains folders CoreELEC/packages/x11/xserver/xorg-server so it’s seems it will be possible?

Do you mean X-server applications ? If so then the answer is absolutely not since CE writes directly to the frame buffer.


Ok, thanks! What about some python Qt or Tk scripts?

You can call any script you like via the autostart,sh file. Kodi is built on python3 so most python scripts should just work out of the box unless there is a dependency python addon missing.


Thank you! I.e. also possible to run python scripts which uses graphical libraries via file?

Only if they use console output (ie pure text). Almost all programs send graphics output to an abstraction layer such as x-server or wayland, this makes them portable across hardware and means they behave consistently across that hardware. CE is the rare exception that uses propitiatory AMLogic graphics drivers to write directly to the frame buffer. Python is unlikely to know how to communicate directly with the AMLogic driver and framebuffer (and it would be a fairly bad idea if it did since it could overwrite other applications outputs) so python can only really work through the CE graphics stack via an addon or as plain text into a file.


Thank you so much for this useful info!

I use old version Kodi 18.9 that might be using Py2, not Py3 as later Kodi versions. Perhaps there is a different command set?

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